Backdune House
Sydney, Australia
Backdune House is a story of materiality and connection to land, with its architecture draping elegantly across the landscape of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Exact Stone
Derek Swalwell
Backdune House

Backdune House reaches deeply into the memory of its surroundings, honouring context while simultaneously looking ever-forward with enduring spirit. Handsomely unfolding as a series of sweeping curves and magnificent volumes, Backdune House by Peter Stutchbury the Architecture drapes elegantly across the landscape of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The home’s generously scaled folds and bends are informed by principles of tent architecture, adopting feelings of freedom and softness to deliver a form that feels sincere and at ease within its setting.


Two palatial timbered doors swing forth to reveal a soaring open interior that is unified by the multifaceted familial functions it houses. Though a single room at first glance, the substantial space encompasses a dining area, kitchen, living room complete with a fireplace and a library nestled overhead. Rooted by rich history, the abode recalls elements of its environment throughout, with an abundance of stone reflecting the geology of the neighbouring headland. Much like the sedimentary rock that accumulates in layers over time, Backdune House strives to nurture an imprinted memory that will be cultivated for years to come.


Integral fabrics that weave the tapestry of Backdune House’s visual narrative include a confluence of natural materials throughout. Timber planks adorn the marvellously grand doors, ceilings and bedroom floors, inviting a radiant warmth to permeate the home, while the delicately striking texture of concrete embossed by boards introduces a further nod to woodgrain through subtle temperance. Weighty stone is notably introduced with the presence of a remarkable feature wall and flooring that traverses to coalesce rooms and ground the home. Showered with sublime solid bronze door hardware, the final touches of metal peppered throughout fulfil the material palette with dignified exhilaration. The dance of tactility and quality finishes were aptly chosen, not only for their aesthetic appeal, but their solid composition and longevity of existence that promises a lifetime of loving use.


A prolific feature wall separates right from left living zones. Overlaid with Baw Baw Dry Stone, the organically rugged texture of this cladding lends a breathtaking authenticity to the dividing wall’s character. Baw Baw Dry Stone delivers considered detail and a seamless effect with corner and capping pieces to convey a unified, solid finish. Serving as a stunning foundation for Backdune House’s bedrooms, Viking wood flooring courses through sleeping quarters with a hearty verve. Emphasising the natural grain and finish of oak, Viking is characterised by a distinctive silver-grey patina that beautifully exhibits the timber’s natural tonal variation. Heavily distressed by hand, the surface of this aged wooden flooring is evocative in its tactility and remains undeniably contemporary owing to the sheer distance each plank spans.


Available in three lengths and widths, there is a Viking wood flooring option for every space. Bolstered by a robust paving of stone underfoot, Backdune House is set with Wyndam Limestone flooring throughout the majority of its indoor spaces as well as upstairs balconies. Possessing a natural earthiness that embraces the softness of warm grey tones speckled and swirled with light touches, the pavers express an organic and subtle depth. This delicate movement and variation across the stone, as well as its hardwearing nature makes Wyndam Limestone an ideal choice for spaces that are to be well-lived in.


Outdoors, the courtyard and backyard areas of Backdune House enjoy paving by two different products composed of the same material yet with individual form. Porphyry, a gorgeously fine-grained igneous rock, is present in two formats: Baguettes and Crazy Paving. Echoing the strong relationship to stone seen in the rest of the home, blocks of Porphyry Baguettes and irregular Crazy Paving convey continuity of design while instilling their own calm flow to the home. Presenting a scope of shades, spanning soft grey to lush burgundy, the aesthetic opportunities and durability of Porphyry makes it a wonderful selection for high-traffic areas. With a choice of bar-shaped Baguettes, eccentric Crazy Paving or both, low maintenance designs with personality are easily realised.

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