Backdune House
Sydney, Australia
Backdune House is a story of materiality and connection to land, with its architecture draping elegantly across the landscape of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Exact Stone
Derek Swalwell
The house reaches deeply into the memory of its surroundings, honouring context while looking ever-forward with enduring spirit. Its tent architecture and grand entry doors are the standout features, while the use of stone recalls the environment in which it sits, reflecting the sedimentary rock of the surrounding headland.

Backdune House

Two palatial timbered doors swing forth to reveal a soaring open interior that is unified by the multifaceted familial functions it houses. Though a single room at first glance, the substantial space encompasses a dining area, kitchen, living room complete with a fireplace and a library nestled overhead.

Backdune House

A double-height timber ceiling sits on top of board-marked concrete walls, bolstered by a robust paving of stone underfoot. Wyndam limestone is used throughout the house possessing a rich earthy texture and warm grey tones. The delicate movement and variation across the stone, and its hardwearing nature makes Wyndam an ideal choice for spaces that are to be well-lived in.

Backdune House

Outside, Porphyry which is a gorgeously fine-grained igneous rock is present in two formats laid side by side—Baguettes and Crazy Paving. Presenting a scope of shades, spanning soft grey to lush burgundy, the aesthetic opportunities and durability of Porphyry makes it a wonderful selection for outdoor entertainment areas.


Serving as a stunning foundation for Backdune House’s bedrooms, Viking wood flooring courses through sleeping quarters with a hearty verve. Emphasising the natural grain and finish of oak, Viking is characterised by a distinctive silver-grey patina that beautifully exhibits the timber’s natural tonal variation. Heavily distressed by hand, the surface of this aged wooden flooring is evocative in its tactility and remains undeniably contemporary owing to the sheer distance each plank spans.

Backdune House

A prolific feature wall separates right from left living zones. Overlaid with Baw Baw Dry Stone, the organically rugged texture of this cladding lends a breathtaking authenticity to the dividing wall’s character. Baw Baw Dry Stone delivers considered detail and a seamless effect with corner and capping pieces to convey a unified, solid finish.

"What I love about designing houses are the people. Trying to bring another sensitivity to people's lives, bringing enlightened awareness about things that otherwise might not be nurtured.” Peter Stutchubury
Backdune Feature Project

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