Limestone is ripe for innovation, if you know what to do with it. We relish the stone’s endless textural and tonal opportunities with our extensive range of limestone tiles. Flexible, malleable and high-performing, it’s the dream material to work with. We source only the very best raw limestone and work with it to craft interesting, experimental and timeless forms that embrace the material’s true potential.

Each of our tiles comes in a finish that enhances the stone’s natural character. Limestone’s aged appearance means even newly-laid stones feel as if they’ve been there forever.
Garonne Limestone up close

What is limestone?

Limestone has been used as a key building material throughout history. In fact, many landmarks around the world – including the pyramids of Egypt – are made of this versatile and well-established substance. Limestone is an organic sedimentary rock formed from the build-up of fossilised materials including shells, coral, algae and sands.


Where do we find it?

We source the majority of our limestone from artisan suppliers in Europe and the Middle East. Our range is curated to include higher performing and denser materials to ensure an enduring and tactile product. Our limestone pavers come in colours that suit, inspire and integrate with local architecture and the surrounding environment.

Atelier Akin Campbell Pde_Terence Chin

How do we offer it?

Much of our Limestone range comes in large formats or random lengths. We also experiment by tumbling, sandblasting, and heavily or lightly distressing the rock to offer a dynamic visual experience. Limestone suits large formats, so we generally source it in large blocks; limestone limited in size in its raw form is often produced in a variable length.

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