With an earthy grey palette and textural finish, our wood floorboards are made from the highest quality French oak. Produced by a European manufacturer well-versed in the art of aged wood, each piece of timber is hand-finished using a traditional process that creates an authentic patina without synthetic dyes. The resulting floorboards – designed to exist harmoniously with our stone flooring – are visually dynamic works that reflect the passage of time.

Produced using a traditional finishing process by a European manufacturer well-versed in the art of aged wood, each piece of timber is hand-finished.

What is French oak?

French oak is a sought-after, sturdy timber with distinctive patterning. We source only the highest quality French oak, producing our planks from trunks that are up to 200 years old. The naturally high tannin content of this hardwood is what enables the uniquely beautiful colouring of our wood flooring range.


How do we craft it?

Our European manufacturer uses a unique natural colouring process to achieve our grey tones, which can’t be found anywhere else. The technique, which involves a reaction with the naturally tannin-rich wood, is followed by a meticulous hand-finishing process that achieves an authentic aged look that beautifies over time.


How do we offer it?

Our French oak wood flooring is available in three finishes and three combinations of widths and lengths. Our reclaimed finish provides an antique aesthetic, with undulations and visible cracks; our heavily distressed finish is moody and deeply textural; and our lightly distressed finish offers subtle, timeless tonal contrast. We offer solid and engineered French oak floorboards, the latter suited best to demanding environments.

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