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When it comes to natural surfaces for architectural design, we’re obsessed. We celebrate nature’s bountiful materiality and the standard it sets for great design. Whatever your project needs, we’ll find a solution; we’re always innovating and developing products and formats to satisfy your design concept. We work directly with quarries around the world to provide a seamless customer experience. And we’re experts: it helps that we’ve been crafting with wonder every day for the last 20 years.


We are restless innovators

First things first: we love what we do. We love stone and all its possibilities – all its textures and nuances and quirks. We source only the very best raw materials and innovate endlessly, playing with formats and aesthetic detailing until we find the most authentic and interesting representation of the organic form. What you see on our website is just a launchpad: we’re always creating, evolving, listening to our clients, responding to industry needs, and looking for ways to try something new.


We work from quarry to project

Thanks to our long and enduring relationships with quarries around the world, we have a high degree of control over supply. Working directly with the quarry (and carrying that expertise through to the finished project), we can deliver what you need in a consistent, timely and cost-effective way. We’ve taken the time to understand how things work from the ground up – literally – so we can answer any questions you have. That rocks.


We make specification easy

With decades of experience, our people are highly informed about the performance of natural materials. We know what works and what doesn’t, and that’s invaluable in the material selection process. We make specification easy by understanding your projects’ needs and giving you the best solutions – at all stages and with all specialists involved. We offer life-sized displays of our materials at each of our showrooms, product samples to take away and all the digital resources you need. Can’t find what you want? Talk to us. We’ll find the solution you’re looking for.