We’ve rounded up 14 projects that show just how great a small pool can look and function, regardless of the garden’s size. While you may not be able to do laps or play a game of water polo, you’ll be able to cool off and relax on those warm weekend afternoons.

What makes a small pool great

When it comes to installing a small pool, the success lies in the proportion, overall design, and position within the space. Getting it right can be a challenge and an expensive exercise if it doesn’t go to plan, so it’s worth engaging with a professional design team before you commit.

If you are thinking about installing a pool in your space, here are a few things you should consider:

  • A pool should be the right scale that it fits in the proportions of the space rather than dominate it.
  • If you want to place seating or daybeds near the pool, make sure there is enough room for people to move around without falling in!
  • Consider your garden’s aspect. A small pool in full shade may feel uninviting and a one directly in full sun may require shade.
  • The pool’s form should compliment the property. If your space is long and narrow for example, a small square pool positioned between the boundary may offer you greater flexibility.

14 small pools that make a big splash

Looking for ideas? Check these small pools out!


Melbourne based pool designers Out of the Blue have created this innovative plunge pool in the middle of a narrow courtyard. Talk about a showstopper!

This garden features Eco Outdoor Melbourne Bluestone. See more here


This pool is the perfect place for bombs. Created by Australian Plunge Pools, the round tank fits nicely in the side garden of this property.

Canning 571 3

Butted up against the natural stone retaining wall, this rectangular pool designed by The Garden Company follows the lines of the courtyard.

This garden features Eco Outdoor Clancy sandstone walling. See more here.

EcoOutdoor 061

Secret Gardens have created the perfect balance between entertaining and play in this small backyard.

Fairfield  1
Photographer: Derek Swalwell

While space isn’t as restrictive as some backyards, Natural Swimming Pools together with Kenndy Nolan Architects have created a modest natural pool surrounded by wilderness.

FiMims240210 040
Photographer: Fi Mims

Natural textures of terracotta and granite border this tranquil plunge pool designed by Eckersley Garden Architecture.

This garden features Eco Outdoor Antico Luce cotto tiles and Raven granite. 

HLA Willow Springs 1w

Designed by Huettl Landscape Architecture, this generous lawn area leads to a raised stone platform housing a small pool and a firepit area. The surrounding landscape makes an impressive backdrop too!


Picture yourself relaxing on this rooftop? Outdoor Establishments have certainly managed to make the most of this outdoor space.

SG CLOVELLY 18 12 2014  0015

Secret Gardens have revitalised this small pool in an old converted stable with tropical plantings and granite paving.

This garden features Eco Outdoor granite paving. See more here.

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 7
Photographer: Trina Roberts

This L-shaped garden designed by Molly Wood Garden Design draws the entire family outside, with a small pool offering a relaxing space at one end and an entertaining area at the other.

Pool Jdldesign

With expansive glass windows, this house designed by JDL Design enjoys the tranquil views of the garden and small pool.


This tiny outdoor space could have become a disused area. Instead, Slightly Garden Obsessed has made it into a tropical haven with a small pool.