You can style your home to match that of a beautiful interior you saw on the glossy pages of a magazine at a 1/3 of the cost through cheap replicas and downloadable art.

But something gets lost in translation when a product is machine-made on a mass scale without an appreciation of its materiality, uniqueness and life of the end user.  The beauty of a one of a kind piece can sometimes be forgotten.  Imperfections are ironed out and the tactile quality is never quite the same.

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of handmade for the last decade or so.  The craftsman, artisan, and maker are back in vogue as we appreciate unique, distinctively original products.  Products that tell a story, evoke a feeling and create a connection with the maker are today, very desirable.

Is it nostalgia? The desire to be unique? Or are we fighting the industrial revolution to create a life and style that is more authentic?

We’re not sure you have to live one life without the other.  Handmade and mass produced can live side by side; a relationship of juxtaposition, where humanistic meets machine.  Mass produced can incorporate the handcraft knowledge without compromising on the tactility and character we’re all fond of.

Made by hand with evidence of the fingers that crafted it, is as much about living an authentic life as it is ensuring a craft is not soon forgotten.