We’re pleased to be supporting emerging talent this year as we work with the young designers of Eckersley Garden Architecture in their landscape display for House & Garden Magazine.

Celebrating 70 years in publication, House & Garden set the design team at E-GA the challenge to create a garden that pays ‘homage to the Aussie backyard’.

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Eckersley Garden Architecture’s MIFGS design concept

“We have designed a ‘case study garden’. A template for what we believe is a true Australian style. It will reference out native landscapes, pay tribute to European gardening heritage and celebrate the role migration is playing to broaden our gardening vernacular. Our design combines raw and robust materials with a mongrel planting palette”, explains the E-GA design team which consists of Clare Mackarness, Joshua Cocks and Rupert Baynes-Williams.

Landscape Designers Rupert Baynes-Williams, Joshua Cocks and Clare Mackarness of Eckersley Garden Architecture

E-GA’s display this year will include Eco Outdoor’s Luca crazy paving to help balance contemporary architectural forms with a purposely imperfect aesthetic. Striking planting combinations will soften the hard surfacing of brick and stone, and a large body of water will create visual impact.

“The garden will be immersive and inviting – an expression of everything we love about the Australian backyard.”

With only a few days left of installation, there is a big push to complete the display before the gates open and thousands of garden enthusiasts walk through. House & Garden will once again host a series of informative lectures at the E-GA display where you’ll hear more about the design intent and be able to steal some ideas for your own Aussie garden.

MIFGS is held at the Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens from the 21st March to 25th March. To find out more about the show and to purchase tickets, click here.