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Colmar Linear Walling™ is ideal for all landscaping and home design projects and is a perfect natural stone walling aesthetic to use both indoors and out. With a beautiful neutral cream base and an earthy variegated tonal pattern, our Colmar limestone is truly stunning. The rich colour variation within each piece embraces the tones found in natural stone.


Colmar Corners

Set Length: 160/180/210mm & 50/70/90mm, Set Height: 49/69/94mm, Thickness: 20mm, Brushed

$439 lm,$307 lm
20 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
NSW: 111 lm

Colmar Linear Walling

Set Length: 305/610/915mm, Set Height: 49/69/94mm, Thickenss: 20mm, Brushed

$197 ,$138 m²
55 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
QLD: 24
WA: 33


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