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Bullhorn Freeform®® natural stone walling is a stunning sandstone product, ideal for a range of residential landscape designs, home builds and commercial building projects.

The key features of Bullhorn wall cladding are its light and dark grey colour variation and heavily-distressed aged finish, which perfectly highlights the natural irregularities of the stone.

The stones in our Freeform®® walling range are split on five sides and sawn on the back for ease of installation to all suitable substrates, with excellent results. They are also available in L-shaped corner pieces.


Bullhorn Walling

Random sizes up to 300mm, Thickness: 20 - 40mm. Split face, Sawn back.

$197 ,$138 m²
75 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
VIC: 12

Bullhorn Corners

L shaped corner pieces, Random heights up to 300mm, Thickness: 20 - 40mm. Split face, Sawn back

$186 lm,$130 lm
30 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
VIC: 100 lm


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