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Our Barlow Traditional Format walling displays a beautifully soft, creamy-grey colour that is uniform in tone throughout.

With a textured, brushed finish, Barlow Traditional Format veneers represent an extremely cost-effective walling solution which is ideal for entire home façades, blade walls or large-scale commercial projects.

Supplied in three formats and with L-shaped corner pieces offering a sense of structural depth, Barlow Traditional Format natural stone walling offers a timeless aesthetic appeal to any design project.



Barlow Walling

Random Length: 305 - 915mm, Set Height: 203 / 305 / 406mm, Thickness: 18mm (nom.), Sandblasted

$175 ,$122 m²
50 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
SA: 15

Barlow Corners

Random Length: 170-220mm & 80-120mm, Set Height: 203/305/406mm, Thickness: 18mm, Sandblasted

$230 lm,$161 lm
22 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
NSW: 15 lm
SA: 20 lm


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