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Scala®, our premium Travertine range, is the best and whitest on the market. This naturally inspiring material has a consistent warm cream hue that perfectly complements modern architecture. We provide multiple formats and textures to suit any project including large format floor and wall tiles, crazy paving tiles and batons. The clean sawn finish of our Scala® flooring range is a standout feature, embracing irregularity and imperfection while respecting the beautiful simplicity of the raw material. Scala® is suitable for indoor and outdoor design projects.


Scala Cross Cut Random Length Tile

400-800x190x20mm, Bush hammered

$69 ,$35 m²
60 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
QLD: 20

Scala Cross Cut Step Tread

34mm - 800x400mm, Sawn

$111 ea,$78 ea
28.32 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
WA: 31 ea


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