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Pacific Bluestone

The versatility of our Pacific Bluestone natural stone flooring, with its beautiful tumbled finish, make it ideal for driveways, courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds and pathways.

Unlike traditional Filetti products such as Endicott® and Luca, the Baton range has a smoother finish and is more dimensionally accurate and consistent. This brings a modern and clean finish once installed.

Bluestone is extremely dense and hard-wearing and an excellent choice for providing continuity from inside to outdoor spaces. It is suitable for use indoors and out. It is suited to use on driveways and pathways and is the first product with such a modern and clean aesthetic to be suitable for such applications.


Pacific Bluestone Baton

25mm - 200x50mm, Tumbled

$109 ,$76 m²
70 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
NSW: 39


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