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At Eco Outdoor, we’ve long talked about the beauty in imperfection. The beauty of the marks and nicks that tell the story of a life well-lived. In a world of mass-production, this is a refreshing tale of re-use and re-purpose. Sustainable and inimitable in size, form, shade and patina, Eco Outdoor reclaimed cobblestones lend an unprecedented finish. Offered in two colours, Mulhall – a grey mottled by darkness and light veining – and Elba – a delicately earthen burgundy undertone – each cobblestone presents a matchless hue and shape to deliver authentic antique character.


Elba Cobble

Random length: 120-200mm, Random Width:120-200mm, Thickness: 30-60mm

$219 ,$153 m²
70 kg/uom
Outlet Availability
WA: 126


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