The Sonoma Residence designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects fosters this connection with its lush meadow landscape. Flanked by aged oak trees, the house appears to nestle within the garden thanks to the position of the three buildings that make up the residence.

The brief to the architecture team was for a house that was designed to accommodate indoor/outdoor summer living. You only need to look at the expansive windows and doors, the well-equipped pool house and the pond’s dock to see the home offers ample outdoor living experiences.

The placement of the main residence, guest house and carport all help shape the overall experience. The main outdoor living space becomes the focal point as you enter the property and acts as a key element in connecting to the garden.

A living roof helps visually join the meadowscape with the built form and the net-zero design reduces its environmental impact. While the Sonoma residence provides plenty of space for the owners and their guests, the architecture which opens and unfolds upon itself doesn’t dominate the landscape.

Instead, through layout and materiality it creates a conversation with the site, urging you to come out a play. There’s no doubt the architects have met the brief of the owners and even surpassed it.

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Photography: Matthew Millman.