What is Belgian Linen?

Belgian Linen refers to a high-quality fabric that is crafted using the fibres from European flax plants. Regarded as one of the most sustainable and durable fabrics, Belgian Linen offers an unrivalled level of softness and comfort. The fabric is also uniquely breathable and long-lasting making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

To obtain the Belgian Linen label not only does at least 85% of the flax weight need to be natural European flax fibres, the fabric also has to be woven within Belgium.

Why is Belgian Linen so superior?

Belgian Linen 02
Nomah® outdoor lounge upholstered in Belgian Linen fabric

Of all the linen fabrics produced, genuine Belgian Linen is the most superior thanks to the traditional craftsmanship and the quality of flax grown in the optimal European climate namely Belgium, France and the Netherlands regions.

Flax is an incredibly sustainable fibre that is cultivated organically without the need for irrigation, GMOs or fertilisers. The organic fibres are regarded as one of the strongest in the world – up to three times stronger as regular cotton. It’s also naturally thicker than cotton and is highly friction resistant.

Belgian Linen crafted of 100% natural linen has superlative qualities of breathability, durability, high absorbency, allergen-free and long-lasting. It doesn’t break down after daily use or washing like many other fabrics. In fact, Belgian Linen ages beautifully and becomes softer, more malleable with a unique patina.

There are other linen fabric labels on the market with the most common being Belgian Flax Linen or European Flax Linen. These are regarded as inferior linen fabrics as the flax is often harvested in European and sent to Asia to be spun and woven into a material. Often it is blended with cotton which weakens the durability and strength of the end fabric. This is not only reflected in the quality but also the price tag.