We love seeing natural stone being used in this room of the home as it can exclude a sense of luxury whatever the design style you’re going for. Whether you’re working with a traditional or modern bathroom, the wide variety of stone allows you to create a unique space through selection of size, formate, colour and texture.

Creating mood in your bathroom with stone

The feeling you wish to create within your bathroom should be driving your decision on the type of stone you use, as well as the other materials in the space. For a rejuvenating bathroom that exudes a spa like quality, neutral tones and organic textures can work well.

EcoOutdoor FL Limestone Jericho 06
Jericho limestone used as indoor/outdoor bathroom flooring with cobble wall tiles and Howqua granite freeform walling outside.

For a sharper contemporary look, darker tones and a stone of a smoother finish marry well with modern bathroom fittings.

If you’re wanting to create a feature with stone, consider the orientation of your bathroom and identify the room’s focal point when you enter the space. This is the location you should invest in quality features or materials that make the most impression.

Laying materials and textures

The beauty of natural stone lies in its versatility. While stone can look stunning on its own, laying other materials, textures and finishes can really enhance the stone’s quality.

Ensuite bathroom and bath surround clad in traditional format honed bluestone walling
Ensuite bathroom and bath surround clad in traditional format honed bluestone walling.

Combine with roughly textured timber for an industrial look or a smooth timber to continue the organic feel. Use a combination of stone and ceramic tiles of the same tones or a contrasting colour to create interest.

Coolum limestone random ashlar walling used as feature wall in bathroom design
Coolum limestone random ashlar walling used as feature wall in bathroom design.

Crisp white porcelain bathware can create the perfect juxtaposition against tactile stone, and marble or concrete can add further texture to your space.

Playing with colour in the bathroom

Choosing a colour palette is an important decision when it comes to bathrooms. Colour can not only influence the atmosphere of your bathroom, but also the feeling of space or lack thereof.

Bathroom timber bench with Jericho limestone floor and wall tiles
Timber bench with Jericho limestone floor and wall tiles used in this bathroom.

Smaller spaces can be made to feel bigger when using lighter coloured stone and reflective materials. A darker stone palette can evoke a sense of moodiness and make the room feel more intimate. Combining natural stone with tiles, paint, wallpaper or accessories in colour can add a sense of play and individuality.

Bathroom EcoOutdoor FL Limestone Andorra 101 683x1024
Andorra limestone combined with a contemporary timber vanity and tiled flooring.

Natural stone in your chosen tones can be used to emphasise a narrative throughout your entire home. Whether it’s through continuing the stone flooring from one room to the next or creating a vanity in the same stone you’ve used for the living room fireplace; these all create consistency and flow.

Details of the Chalford limestone. Photo Left: Simon Whitbread
Details of the Chalford limestone used in this modern bathroom | Photo Left: Simon Whitbread

There are endless varieties of styles, tones and textures in natural stone. Regardless of the look you’re going for in your bathroom, stone brings a tactile, organic quality with a sense of luxury and timeless elegance.

Feeling inspired? Browse through our range of stone walling and flooring to get some more ideas for your bathroom.