You can get away with a more casual, authentic aesthetic where the dress code is shoes off and nature is the perfect backdrop. We’re not too precious outdoors. We embrace the imperfect and messiness that is life itself.

The festive season is a great excuse to spend less time inside and move the party outdoors. Whether you’re planning on a low-key barbecue where friends drop by or celebrating Christmas day with the extended family, consider using what outdoor space you have to enjoy an uncomplicated affair.

Tips to get your outdoor space festive-ready

Now’s a great time to start getting your outdoor space ready for spontaneous get-togethers and those planned events.

1. Add comfort

Entertainingoutdoors 03
Encourage your guests to relax and settle in for the day of festivities

Make your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Add some extra cushions to your outdoor lounge, use seat pads on beaches or timber chairs, scatter a few bean bags on the grass. Opt for materials that are natural and authentic, and furniture that encourages your guests to settle in for a while.

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2. Provide shade

The summer sun is always welcome when entertaining outside, but too much in the heat of the day can leave you feeling flushed and uncomfortable. If you don’t have a pergola structure providing shade, consider a large outdoor umbrella to provide relief or position your table setting under a tree to enjoy the dappled sunlight.

3. Create ambience

Entertainingoutdoors 02
Make it a day or night to remember by adding ambience

Gathering with friends and family outdoors on a warm summer night can be enough to create ambience. However, adding some simple touches can make your festivities more memorable. For us, decorating outside is best when it’s rustic and simple as we look for the character in objects and furniture. Think about stringing a garland of lights through the foliage of trees or over your pergola. Trow a few blankets on the grass or light a fire pitt. Start collecting pre-loved and vintage items like jars, candles or tubs to put cutlery, ice or drinks in.

4. Get your hands dirty

Your garden is the perfect natural backdrop for your outdoor soiree. Now’s the time to get your hands dirty and get your garden in shape. Here are a few things you can do this summer:

  • Mulch and water your budding plants to ensure they don’t dry out.
  • Weed garden beds
  • Boost the mineral content of the soil
  • Prune hedges and cut back any unruly shrubs or citrus
  • Soak your pot plants
  • Pot up flowering plants

We know entertaining at this time of year can be stressful. So, remind yourself to take your shoes off and let your hair down. To stress less and relax more. Celebrate the unpredictable moments and enjoying the opportunity to get outdoors.