Natural stone is a formidable material that can be incorporated into almost any design – contemporary or traditional.

Our heavily distressed Chalford® limestone is one such stone that’s natural colours and raw finish marries so well with any design style.

The raw quality, the texture underfoot and the subtle tones can bring a touch of softness to a sharp, modern piece of architecture.  Or it can act to complement classic, historic design through its aged finish and elegance.

In the garden of this Sydney home, the limestone flooring does just that.  The palette of the Chalford® stone and the tactile finish works in harmony with the existing sandstone retaining walls and cladding.  Butting up to the aging steps, the finish doesn’t fight with the longstanding materials, instead it adds an extra richness to the space.

The traditional English landscape with its box hedges, manicured lawn and structured layout is well suited to the random length rectangular tiles.

Surrounding the pool, the provincial style and natural tones of the Chalford® is a perfect stone to border the soft greeny-blue water.  It would be easy to think you’re relaxing within an ancient Egyptian bathhouse, not a suburban backyard!

This garden is made up of several zones offering various amenities and featuring numerous materials.  The Chalford® limestone subtly acts as a common thread running through the entire space.  It doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ or feel new and out of place. The result being a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

The uniqueness and tactile finish of natural stone evoke a timeless quality, providing a level of beauty and elegance that can enrich any space; indoor or out.

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