Drawing inspirations from the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water home, Banham Architects have created a contemporary beach house overlooking the West Australian coast line. The architecture incorporates sharp lines, gigantic blade walls and contemporary block shapes all across an impressive scale to create an awe inspiring overall effect.

Banham have worked with a curated palette of just three key materials in this project: glass, concrete and Alpine natural dry stone. These three elements have been selected for their specific purpose and role in the architecture. The glass is integral in capturing the magnificent 180 views of the beach house, the crisp white cement finishes bring contemporary cues to the home and enhance the sharp angles of the architecture; and the Alpine natural stone walling softens these two elements, tying the architecture into the surrounding beach landscape and providing a sense of timelessness to the build.

By working with this three part formula throughout the house, both inside and out, the build has a real sense of integrity and belonging in the space. Despite its scale it feels like a cohesive whole, and the balance between contemporary design and homeliness has been achieved.

This project is a testament to iconic architecture; a stunning reminder that often beauty is in the simplicity of design.

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