Teak outdoor furniture Vs Cedar outdoor furniture

Teak and cedar are two of the most popular choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. Both have proved to be quality materials to use outside but choosing between them will depend on a number of personal factors.


Teak is a hardwood that is naturally more dense and heavy than cedar. Both are commonly left raw with teak fading to a beautiful, silvery grey patina. As it is a porous timber, cedar will require an annual coat of protective oil to retain its natural beauty.

One of cedar’s defining characteristics is its aroma which helps to preserve the timber from the weather and insect damage.


Teak is a superior timber to cedar when it comes to durability. Teak is renowned for its longevity and ability to survive exposure to the elements with very little maintenance. This is why teak has been a popular choice for the marine industry.

Cedar outdoor furniture will still last many years but will require more upkeep.


Both teak and cedar outdoor furniture are commonly left in their natural state although you’ll find most cedar settings will be oiled. Other finishing options that are commonly seen with cedar outdoor furniture is a stain, sealant or paint.

As there is no functional reason to apply any finish to teak, all that is required to maintain the outdoor furniture is a general clean.


Teak and cedar outdoor furniture are typically more expensive than those pieces made of rattan, wicker or plastic.

Of the two kinds of wood, teak outdoor furniture is generally more expensive than cedar for several reasons. Firstly, it is the harder of the two and will last longer in an outdoor environment than cedar. Secondly, it is more expensive to harvest and isn’t as available as cedar. Thirdly, it’s maintenance-free characteristics and solid nature makes it a more valuable wood.

Cedar, on the other hand, is more readily available and easier to harvest which instantly reduces the manufacturing cost. It’s also lightweight when compared to teak and while it is a durable material, cedar doesn’t have as long a lifespan.

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