An incredibly striking fireplace crafted by Makers & Allies, a California creative agency specializing in design for wine, craft, and spirits brands, who was asked to revive an abandoned vineyard in Paso Robles.

The new vineyard tenant, Tooth & Nail Winery, who took over the 20,000-square-foot commercial castle needed to imbue the space with their own “sleek, edgy, and a little bit raw” vibe and makers & Allies was brought in to make it happen.

The team introduced new materials to add sophistication and polish but also kept the rugged textured nature of the spaces.

Three types of steel were used throughout the project: Cor-ten outside, blackened for vertical surfaces in the tasting room, and stainless on the horizontal surfaces. Earthy metal, wood, and leather finishes are interspersed with brighter velvet, brass, and mirrored touches.

The results are incredibly impactful. Now that is a good looking fireplace..

Story from The Design Sponge | Photography by Mark Gvazdinskas