What is ‘stone capping’?

Stone capping is the finishing touch to any feature or retaining wall resulting in an enhanced appearance. It helps to create visual continuity between the cladding material and the horizontal surface above. Stone capping also protects your cladding from unnecessary damage and moisture entering between the substrate and the stone as it is no longer exposed. Without it, a wall can look unfinished and the cladding below unprotected.

There are a variety of stone capping styles that will complement the type of wall cladding specified. Choose from a more organic capping style or one that is a traditional, rectangular format with square edges. The pieces can come in various thickness and finishes such as sawn or honed depending on the look you’re trying to achieve and the application.

What are ‘corner pieces’?

Stone Capping 02

Like stone capping, corner pieces are designed to complete your feature or retaining wall and are an essential component. Stone corner pieces help create a natural, seamless look.

Our stone corner units have been designed in an L-shape. This offers a natural sense of structural depth and form that cannot be achieved with a mitre joint. The corner pieces vary in length and thickness depending on the stone you choose and can be finished to complement the aesthetics of your walling.

Choosing the right stone for your feature wall

There are a variety of natural stone walling types to choose from that will complement the aesthetics of your garden, architecture or interior design. Here, we take a look at the main stone walling options in our collection

Traditional Format

Traditional Format stone walling creates a sophisticated finish. Available in Bluestone, Limestone and Sandstone, there is the option to opt for a warming, natural aesthetic or a cooler, contemporary look.

Random Ashlar

Our collection of Traditional Format walling comprising of a mixture of sandstone & quartz limestone celebrates the raw qualities of natural stone. The swan base allows for easy installation and the stone corners and capping completes the look.

Linear Walling™

Stone Capping 01

Linear Walling™ creates a contemporary, streamlined look with an organic, textural feel. The linear walling features a flat finish and is available in random length formats of split stone, limestone or sandstone.

Free Form

For a rugged, organic look, the Free Form natural stone is an ideal choice. Spilt on all five sides, the natural tonal variations are highlighted in this stone. Corner pieces are available in random sizes and thicknesses to create a seamless look.

Dry Stone

Dry Stone walling offers a highly textural aesthetic with the split-faced loose stone pieces. The cladding range includes interlocking corner units and capping pieces as well as column solutions.

Stone Wall panels

Highlighting the irregular, natural texture of stone, these wall panels offer depth and tonal variation for an authentic feel. As with the Dry Stone, the interlocking corners and capping options provide the ideal finish.

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