In keeping with the brief, Andrew Mellios (the AM of AM Architecture) decided to explore a simple idea: he would create a home that was a singular volume.

Breaking away from the traditional distinction between house and garden Andrew’s concept was to create a striking 3 metre high black box to act as a boundary wall for the property, and within this space create a seamless home and garden unit. Walking through a steel gate entrance edged with planting, and then alongside the boundary wall you enter the home space. Once inside the single volume the architectural definitions between inside and outside are deliberately loose. Large steel framed glass windows and doors open up into many courtyard areas. Rooms are open and light and the floor plan is uncomplicated and easy to navigate.

Building materials were kept natural, simple and dark. Timber veneer, limestone, honed bluestone and anthra zinc all contribute to the sophisticated aesthetic. The end result is bold, gutsy and successful. The strong perimeter walls perfectly house a united home and garden space that’s stylish, simple and beautiful.

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Photography: Dianna Snappe