Gently resting on top of two crossing natural stone walls sits Finca Aguy Retreat, a simple architectural dwelling in Pueblo Edén, Uruguay.

Designed by MAPA, Finca Aguy Retreat is a prefab home constructed off-site and transported to this rugged site on the edge of an established olive field. “In landscapes of high natural value, it is fundamental to respect their original condition and so it is essential a reversibility condition”, explains the architect. With a desire to be immersed within the landscape while leaving little to any evidence of the home’s existence, MAPA created a home that minimised the impact of the construction on the ground.

Finca Retreat 01
Finac Aguy retreat designed by MAPA | Photography: leonardo finotti

The natural stone foundation not only act as a physical support for the two identical volumes, it also visually connects the built form to the remote landscape. The exterior of the home is clad in corrugated metal, while the interior is lined entirely with timber. Running the width of the building’s exterior is a cantilever deck that extends from the stone wall revealing incredible views of the olive ground and beyond.

Traditional houses are built of solid, heavy materials like brick, mortar and concrete. Their structure penetrates the ground to ensure the dwelling doesn’t move. On the other hand, prefab construction allows for the home to be built in the controlled environment of a factory setting. It’s taken to its final destination with little impact on the natural landscape and can be easily removed with little trace of what was.

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Photography: Leonardo Finotti