What are your pool finish options?

Beyond aesthetics, the pool finish options you select will impact its cost, resale value, longevity and safety. Taking the time to consider all your choices and how they best suit your needs will result in a superior result.

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The main pool finish options to think about include:

1. Concrete

One of your stock standard pool finish options is concrete. It has been tried and tested, and is the most affordable option. By choosing a tint, you’ll have several colour choices and finishing your pool in concrete will also reduce your construction time. If repairs are required, concrete pools are the cheapest finish to fix.

However, there are some issues with concrete you should be aware of. By nature, concrete is porous. It also may need to be resurfaced overtime and may become quite rough.

2. Aggregate Plaster

A step up from a standard concrete finish is aggregate plaster. Your pool professional will mix quartz, granite or pebbles into the concrete to provide a more interesting aesthetic. When polished well, it will give you a smooth, flat texture.

An aggregate plaster finish lasts quite a while, as it is more resistant to chemicals and, like concrete, can be repaired reasonably easily.

3. Tile

Stone and glass tile pools are becoming one of the more popular pool finish options. This is because pools are now just as much feature elements of the garden as they are functional spaces to swim. A tile offers a modern look with unlimited colour combinations, providing you with the greatest choice of all finishes.

Tiles are also much more durable and require less maintenance than concrete or aggregate plaster. However, this does come at a cost, with a fully tiled pool being the most expensive option. It also takes longer to install. The other con of tiling your pool is that it is the most difficult surface to repair. Therefore, it’s vital you research the most effective adhesive system to maintain the pool finish.


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