What can impact your pool budget or schedule?

Installing a swimming pool is a sizeable investment and that’s when things go to plan. Unfortunately, not every pool build occurs without hiccups as it’s virtually impossible to predict every factor or event that may derail your schedule or pool budget.

Understanding that there may be some unforeseen circumstances that could cause slight delays or additional costs will help you avoid the financial pinch and get you swimming sooner rather than later. Here are a few of the key factors that could impact your pool budget or schedule.

Weather Conditions

Building outside comes with the challenges of working alongside mother nature. When it comes to constructing a pool, many stages require clear skies with no rain in order to complete. Poor weather conditions can result in potential damage to work commenced and unavoidable delays.

If your pool builder does delay your construction, while frustrating, remember this is to help protect your investment. Waiting until the weather conditions are optimal will assist in achieving a quality pool.

Sub-contractor availability

If sub-contractors are involved in your pool build, their availability can impact the progression of your project. Building a pool during the busy season of sees a shortage of experienced contractors such as tilers, plumbers and pool fence installers. This may cause some unavoidable delays that are often out of the hand’s of your builder.

So that delays due to contractor availability aren’t a complete surprise, keep the lines of communication open with your lead builder throughout the process.

Product lead times

It’s not uncommon for pool finishes such as stone paving or mosaic tiles to come from overseas. If the supplier doesn’t have stock or you’ve selected custom designed product, you may experience some delays and result in pressure on your pool budget.

To help limit delays, it’s worth making a decision on your materials as early as possible. Confirm the delivery date is in line with your builder’s schedule before placing your order. Paying on time will also help ensure your product arrives on site, on time!

Excavation issues

Pool Budget 01
Pool featuring Granite stone pavers

Excavation takes up a substantial part of the pool budget. The cost of this process can increase if unexpected things are found underneath the ground’s surface such as rock, old concrete slabs or buried septic tanks. Removal of this debris can also impact your overall schedule.

Site access

If your site access is compromised during the build this can cause delays by preventing machinery and trades entering your property. Even a car parked in a driveway can cause a negative impact. Before construction commences, ensure you understand the access requirements to avoid costly delays and to help keep within your pool budget.

Tree removal

While you may not have any trees located in the designated spot for your pool, but there may be one or two that are in the way of machinery or access. Their removal will incur additional charges and you may have to deal with delays while gaining council approval or engaging an arborist.

Rubbish removal

It’s often assumed the builder will take care of the rubbish removal and the costs associated with it, but this is not always the case. Double check your quote or discuss these fees at the beginning of the job. Keep in mind, you may have to cover extras costs if you discover unexpected debris under the surface such as rock.

Delivery charges

Unless you’re picking up the materials and equipment yourself, delivery costs are unavoidable and will need to be factored into your standard pool budget. Budgeting for these charges initially will help reduce the financial pinch at the end of the build.

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Feature image: Pool featuring Luca Crazy Paving