We’ve loved getting lost in the pages of this book as it draws strongly on the Japanese concept, wabi-sabi, we often talk about. The foundation of the book lies in “advocating the beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanence and the authentic”.

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However, in doing so McCartney hasn’t ignored the fact that the world of design has evolved greatly since the emergence of the ancient Japanese philosophy. Instead, she’s combined the handmade bespoke pieces with those newer objects born out of the digital age to reveal the “best of both worlds”.

Technology has resulted in the ability to achieve perfection with ease. A simple click of a button and thousands of items can be rolling down a conveyor belt looking identical to their neighbour. The new-age manufacturing process has result in many desiring something that has flaws, character, or show some indication that it has been crafted by hand, even if it’s subtle.

The Perfect Imperfect is a celebration of just that. “It’s a celebration of accident, curation, collection, hesitation, collaboration, recuse, reimaging, and true originality.” Intriguing and beautiful interior spaces and objects fill the pages of the book where the well-worn and aged sit side-by-side with modern day design.

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The book also tells a story of the creative people who have curated, loved, and lived in the homes, galleries and studios allowing the reader to connect more deeply with the story. Architects, designers, artists, and craftspeople like potters, knitters and weavers from all over the world were involved in the collaborative process.

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Perfect Imperfect is a nod to “melancholic beauty”. It’s not about being on trend, fashionable or printed in the latest lifestyle and home magazine. It’s an authentic and inherently beautiful collection of inspiring images and stories; highlighting that beauty can be worn, tarnished, misshapen, or a mix new objects and those found in a flea market.

Drop into an Eco Outdoor showroom to peruse the pages of Perfect Imperfect.

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