Inspired by the Japanese concept of Tokonoma, an idea based on always having a display area or a decorative scene to anchor each room, the design team set out to create a series of view spaces and an internal landscape drawing the garden into the interior.

Subu Design 07

Previously, the Manhattan Beach home was very closed off from other rooms and the outdoor space. Opening it up was not only for aesthetic reasons, but to make it a more functional family home.

Subu Design 06

The purple, red and yellow stucco, was replaced for a more neutral colour palette, reinforced by the use of timbers, natural stone, and lush foliage. Pops of colour came through the homeowner’s artwork, furniture and planting, adding further drama to the space.

The indoor green wall injects colour, texture, and nature into the rooms which surround the courtyard. The views out to greenery continue as you wander through the house and outside into the garden designed by Rob Jones Landscape.

Subu Design 05
Subu Design 2

The rear rendered façade has been broken up the choice of stone cladding and expansive stairs which anchor the home within the garden. A tranquil pool surrounded by grass radiates sophistication and beckons you in for a dip. Cleverly framing the neighbour’s flowering tree, the design team have taken every opportunity to maximise the home’s outlook.

Subu Design 09

Flanked by large palm trees, the front of the house appears to nestle down amongst a lush planting providing a tropical vibe and an envious street frontage.

Subu Design 01

Remodelling an existing home no doubt has it’s challenges, however it appears no compromises have been made with the design of this project.

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Photography: Manolo Langis