Function and aesthetically pleasing courtyards

In many ways, designing a courtyard garden is much more challenging than a large backyard space. Courtyards often have privacy issues or look out at an eyesore or unsightly boundary walls. Space is of a premium and has to be adaptive to perform a multitude of functions including dining, lounging and outdoor play.

Courtyards also serve as a connection to the interior of the home. If successful, a courtyard is visually pleasing and tempting enough to draw people outside

Materiality is one of the big elements in any courtyard design. As natural stone enthusiasts, we’re drawn to those smaller outdoor spaces that make the most of the stone’s characteristics, like it’s texture, patina or size.

Here you’ll find, 13 inspiring courtyards that use natural stone to enhance the feeling and style of the outdoor space:

Stone Courtyards 01
Laminam via archiproducts
Stone Courtyards 14
A Parallel Architecture & NDLI | Image: Paul Finkel via Luxe Source
Stone Courtyards 02
Designer Unknown | Image source: Italian Bark
Stone Courtyards 03
Planters Landscape Architects | Image via Houzz
Stone Courtyards 04
Home of Cath Kidston | Image: Patrick Cline via Lonny Magazine
Stone Courtyards 05
Auhaus ‘Torquay Concrete House’ | Photography: Derek Swalwell
Stone Courtyards 06
Grounded Gardens | Photo: Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.
Stone Courtyards 08
Designer Unkown | Image source: Otis & Frank
Stone Courtyards 09
Amber Road Design, ‘Cronulla Residence’ | Photography: Prue Ruscoe
Stone Courtyards 10
Molly Wood Garden Design, ‘Modern Organic’
Stone Courtyards 11
Atelier PUUUR, ‘Furkan Köse’ | Image Source:
Stone Courtyards 12
Andrea Cochran ‘Ackley Residence’ | Image: Marion Brenner
Stone Courtyards 13
Paul Hervey-Brookes, ‘Finding Inner Peace’