Outdoor kitchens have been an important element of the garden, enhancing your lifestyle and the value of your property.

5 ways to improve your outdoor kitchen

If your outdoor kitchen is looking a little tired or you simply want to rethink the design style there are several things you can do to improve its functionality and appearance. Here are just five ways you can make your grill the perfect area for entertaining outdoors.

1. Enhance the function

The very basic outdoor kitchen will have a grill, usually on wheels and a cover to protect it from the elements. Enhancing the function of your outdoor kitchen will encourage you to use it more as barbecuing will become easier and more pleasurable. Consider building in additional bench space or adding amenities such as a sink or bar fridge. Perhaps integrating another cooking element such as a woodfire pizza oven or a smoker into the design will improve the overall function of the kitchen.

2. Link it with your entertaining space

Outdoor Kitchen 04
A destination outdoor kitchen space by Landart

A lone barbecue in a hidden corner of a garden isn’t going to encourage anyone to cook outdoors. Instead, consider relocating your outdoor kitchen so that it has a connection with your alfresco entertaining areas. By positioning it nearby your outdoor dining area or the lounge area the person who is cooking remains part of the party. If relocating your kitchen isn’t an option, consider expanding on the design so that it includes some bench seats and becomes a destination in your garden.

3. Light it up

Ensuring there is adequate lighting at your kitchen will mean you can stop cooking with a flashlight during those evening outdoor soirees. Fixed outdoor directional lights are highly effective and can help create a streamlined look. If you’re after something more festive, consider hanging a string of outdoor bulbs.

4. Add shade or shelter

Outdoor Kitchens 04
Outdoor kitchen with pergola by Larc Collective

A simple shade or shelter structure can make the world of difference to your outdoor kitchen and enhance its usage. Afterall, who wants to the one standing in front of a firey grill on a hot summers day? This can be achieved through building a pergola structure, installing an awning over the space or by simply positioning a durable umbrella over the area.

5. Improve the connection with your interior

Consider the proximity of your outdoor kitchen to your interior space. Typically grilling outdoors requires several trips back and forth to the interior kitchen. By improving the connecting with the interior you’ll make cooking outside more enjoyable. This can be done by relocating your barbecue if it’s simply the case of moving it on wheels or by opening up your interior. Sliding or bi-fold doors or even a servery are great ways to create that indoor/outdoor space and enhance your outdoor kitchen.