Designed by CC Arquitectos, this residence takes advantage of its lake views whilst respecting the forest landscape that surrounds the site. There has been high level of respect taken to limit the constructive impact and to make the most of materials sourced from the region.

Inside, you won’t find any colour, art or contemporary furniture that demands attention.  Instead, a natural palette is celebrated with a combination of steel, raw timber and stone being the main star.  Reclaimed railroad ties from disused train tracks were recycled for use in the pavilion’s exterior.  Natural stone features heavily throughout the interior and exterior of the building emphasising the client’s raw, rustic design aesthetic.

For a one bedroom, space is not a concern.  The generous bedroom with its private bathroom, and the adjoining kitchen/dining area exude a sense of space and sophistication with many of the walls clad in white oak to add warmth.  A large family room seamlessly opens up to the main outdoor terrace, clearly designed with entertaining in mind.  It is evident the expansive views of the lush vegetation running into the valley has influenced the layout of the exterior spaces.

One feature that is hard to look past is the large reflection pool located at the main entrance.  A car park is discretely hidden behind a wall of railroad ties so your full focus in on the body of water and the resident horses who use it as a drinking trough.

While the free-roaming horses adds a charm, its the ability to combine natural materials to create a rustic, yet sophisticated finish which we admire.

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Photography: Rafael Gamo