The balance between sophistication and respecting the old world seems effortless, yet highly considered.

The historic stone building with it’s crumbling garden walls sits on a steep site overlooking an unforgettable view.  The restrained, gentle approach Rees Roberts + Partners have taken in restoring the charm and romantic qualities of the properties is obvious.  However, in doing so they have still managed to imprint their own design aesthetic and client needs without their voice becoming overpowering.

Great respect has been shown to the natural tones, age and tactile qualities of the stone, yet nothing about this project feels too precious. Some of the ancient walls have remain untouched allowing a story to be told as the materials are exposed to the elements of weather, time and use.

The garden which intertwines itself within the historical structures and materials looks as though it has always been there.  The tones of grey, dark and light green and the contrast in textures from sharp to lush adds another complexity to the property that we love.

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