Flat-pack outdoor kitchen

Popular DIY kitchen makers like Kaboodle have delved into the world of outdoors producing a range of flat-pack outdoor kitchen products designed for alfresco entertaining areas.

With a drill, an Allen key you can create an outdoor kitchen. Will it be any good and what should you consider before investing your time and energy?

What to look for in a flat-pack outdoor kitchen?

If you’re considering a flat-pack outdoor kitchen, you need to make sure it is built to last. Beyond the wear and tear of everyday use, outdoor kitchens are subject to pressures like moisture, temperature, dirt, dust and grime.

The key things to ask when shopping for a flat-pack is:

  • Is the cabinetry built for outdoor use or undercover only?
  • What is it made of?
  • How does it handle moisture, mould and grease stains?
  • Are the materials (hinges, handles, tap-ware) rust resistant?
  • What is the warranty length?

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Flat-pack kitchen by Kaboodle

Find the right location for your flat-pack outdoor kitchen

While flat-pack outdoor kitchens may be marketed for outside use, it’s important you check the fine print as to the best location to install.

Whether the cabinetry is moisture resistant or 100% waterproof will generally inform where you can locate your kitchen.

It’s also worthwhile discussing the location of your barbecue with the manufacturer. Often high heat surfaces, such as barbecues cannot be in direct contact with the cabinetry and require a heat-resistant surface.

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Measure twice

One of the biggest mistakes people make with flat-packs, in general, is marking down incorrect measurements. Measure twice to ensure it fits into the space. Take into consideration the location of gas lines, pipes for sinks and the position of the barbecue. It also may be worthwhile checking barbecue dimensions if you are looking at a built-in model. Not all barbecues will fit into a flat-pack kitchen design.

Take a look at our tips for purchasing the perfect barbecue for your outdoor kitchen. 

Consider upgrading the bench surface

Most flat-pack outdoor kitchens will have their standard range of bench tops. For durability and overall aesthetics, it may be worth considering a custom-made bench top. The quality of bench tops for standard flat-pack outdoor kitchens ranges from bamboo timber to stone.

Where you choose to locate your kitchen and your budget will greatly determine the most suitable type of bench top. Getting a professional to custom make the bench top may provide a better fit and finish. It’s this attention to detail and level of execution which will affect whether your kitchen looks like it’s an off the shelf budget kit or custom designed for your space.

Consider talking to a professional

Before you commit to a flat-pack outdoor kitchen, consider talking to a professional. An architect, landscape design or cabinet maker can advise you on the direction you should take. Whatever the level of investment, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen lasts for many entertaining seasons and outdoor soirees.


Feature image: Kaboodle Flat-Pack Outdoor kitchen.