Being exposed to the elements, stone in an external environment is faced with dirt and debris. It’s also often subjected to regular traffic of bikes, trikes, balls and shoes. As such, quality sealing gives the stone the best protection to ensure it retains its beautiful patina for years to come.

If you’re considering installing natural stone in your interior or exterior space, seeking the advice of sealing professionals is a must to retain the alluring qualities of the surface.

Basic stone cleaning tips

  • Once installed, stone should cleaned thoroughly after the grouting material has set. This will help remove any grouting residue;
  • Sweep away any excess dirt;
  • Using a pH-neutral cleaner, apply it to the stone’s surface in manageable sections;
  • With a stiff broom or a nylon pad, gently agitate the surface to lift in dirt;
  • A wet-vac or squeegee can then be used to remove any residue from the stone’s surface.

Tip: Never use acidic cleaners on your natural stone as it will disturb the finish and effect the quality of the stone. For best results, we recommend you seek the help of a professional.

Sealing natural stone advice

Sealing protects your stone, making it easier to maintain and helps keep it looking great for longer. It’s best applied by a specialist after the stone has been installed. In some cases, dip sealing may also be appropriate such as for pool coping and other surfaces exposed to high levels of moisture. This process occurs prior to the product’s installation, where all sides are dipped into the sealant to prevent efflorescence.

As products are continually evolving, speaking with an industry professional will help you decided on the best sealer for your individual application.

Some of the high-quality sealants we recommend include:

  • This is a breathable, natural-looking sealer suitable for a variety of interior and exterior applications, both commercial and residential.

  • This is another natural-looking sealer which provides a no-sheen appearance and maximum stain protection.

  • This is a high-quality water-based sealer that’s great the minimise the surface colour change in stones such as bluestone.

Tip: Always consult a professional sealant provider before considering any sealing product. They’ll be able to recommend and warrant a suitable quality product for your particular stone and application.

Quality natural stone has the potential to transform a space. Keeping it well-maintained, however, is the key to ensuring the beauty is preserved long-term. If you’re looking for further recommendations regarding cleaning and sealing natural stone, please contact your nearest showroom.