This stunning contemporary pool design is easily one of our favourites here at Eco Outdoor. Its clean, fresh lines create a sense of sophistication for modern living.

A contemporary solution for small spaces

This design is perfect for inner-city houses where space is at a premium, and it creates a real city feeling that translates into a sharp, seamless and strikingly modern outdoor area.

The pool, with large-format bluestone pavers used as flooring and walling, was designed and installed by Out From the Blue pool builders and landscape designers.

The sophisticated outdoor space features a plunge pool with a glass front that allows full visibility into the water.  A covered lounge area, service zone, bathroom and an expansive entertaining terrace with cooking facilities provide all the amenities you’d desire in an urban courtyard space.

Large format bluestone pavers used as flooring and walling in pool area

Your swimming pool design starts here

If you’re wanting to achieve a successful outdoor space like this one, it’s a good idea to consider your aesthetic objectives before you commence the design process. What will fit with the overall garden design? What kind of design styles do you like? What material palette are you using in the rest of the landscape design?

You also need to consider the functional objectives. Is the swimming pool for play or relaxation? What type of pool are you looking for? Do you want a saltwater or chlorine pool? If you need advice on the tye of swimming pool that will suit your needs and space, have a look at this guide.

Once you’ve got your layout sorted, determining the materials of your outdoor space and the surfaces of your pool will be the next design decision. There are a few variants that can affect product selection, so it’s always best to discuss these with your swimming pool designer or swimming pool builder in the early stages of your pool design project. For example, some sandstones may not be suitable for a saltwater pool or some pool designs may require custom product sizing. You’ll also need to take into account whether the material is non-slip and how well it will age in this application.

EcoOutdoor POTM2 Bluestone 04 1


It’s not just the interior material of the pool or the surrounding surface you need to consider. A key consideration of your pool’s function and aesthetics is the pool coping. ‘Coping’ refers to the tile or paver that creates the edge around the pool, joining it with the surrounding paving or landscaped area.

Depending on the Eco Outdoor paving stone selected, there are a number of coping options available. From granite and bluestone, such as one used in this project, to travertine, we have a variety of coping styles including traditional round bullnose coping units, rebated coping or even square edge coping for a crisp contemporary look.


The best place to start when thinking about installing or updating a swimming pool is by collecting and pinning pool ideas and images that appeal to you. While you’re compiling your wish list, remember to take into consideration both the aesthetics and functional requirements of your space.

That way when you have your first conversation with a swimming pool builder or your landscape designer, you’ve got a good jumping off point. If you don’t know of any professionals that could help realise your dream of a new pool, come and talk to us and we can point you in the right direction.