Within two days of their first visit to Mexico’s historic town, San Miguel de Allende, Austin and Lida Lowrey purchased a property with the intention to build their dream home.

The retired art and design veterans visualised a larger space which incorporated personal studios where they could relax, paint, write and enjoy the laid back Mexican lifestyle.

The result is a incredible property driven by two creative minds. The three pavilions sit within the natural, landscape of cacti, wildflowers and native grasses.

Lida’s studio is positioned on the the north side and Austin’s on the south.  Sandwiched in between the two and accessed by an enclosed glass bridge, is a living area that open’s up entirely to the outdoors.

“We all decided we didn’t like front doors on houses because they were intimidating,” Austin tells Dwell. “So as you come up, this cage envelops the house, and you see right into the living room, which opens up totally to the outside.”

Using organic materials, local artisans, and modern design methods, the couple have created a truly personal family retreat.  The building and landscape are continually evolving as the artists experiment moving from canvas to sculpture and installations around the property.

“It’s our own little utopia”, says Austin.

Architect: Sánchez Arquitectos

Photography: Matthew Williams