Launching the business Autumn Harvest, Chris supplies many of Melbourne’s most prestigious restaurants, cafes and markets with the freshest calibre of mushrooms he foraged for. However, it’s his venture of urban beekeeping that’s caught our eye.

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Chris began rescuing bees from extermination, building new houses out of recycled timber and relocating them to new homes including Melbourne’s urban rooftops. Being conscious of the importance bees are to the environment and our existence, Chris puts a lot of time and hard work into looking after over 700,000 bees.

To cover the cost of his labour, Chris sells the harvested honeycomb in restaurants including Cumulus Inc. and boutique stores like the Spring Street Grocer.

Broadsheet together with Asahi Super Dry have recently produced a video highlighting Chris’ passion for the livelihood of bees and the process from rescuing these “delicate” creatures to harvesting the highly desirable honeycomb.

Watch the video here now: