Originally the owner’s grandparent’s property, Annabelle of Annabelle Chapman Architects took on the brief to update the home from its original 1970s décor and layout. It was time to say goodbye to the red laminate kitchen and welcome in a fresh new palette of simple materials and natural sunlight.

Avoiding the constraints of working within a particular style, Annabelle designed the house to be crisp, clean and classic. The interior was fully gutted and the split levels have been opened up for more light and better access to the stunning view.

A simple palette of oak, natural stone and white paint is used consistently throughout the project both internally and externally. The sesame cobblestones on the drive subconsciously tie in with the tumbled marble cobbles in the bathrooms and the Berrimah sandstone walling in the courtyard is a perfect introduction to the relaxed beach feel that continues through the home.

And it’s exactly that, the feel of the house, which makes this property so special. The home itself fits perfectly within its surrounding landscape and once inside the feeling of harmonious space continues. Out on the deck with an uninterrupted ocean view it’s as if you’re amongst the tree tops with the birds, just as a natural part of the landscape and view itself.

Even when you’re further in the building each room feels connected to the outside landscape around it. And it’s that connection, which is so difficult to achieve, that makes this home so special. It just feels right.

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