Undervaluing the power of a design

One of the most common landscape design mistakes is not starting with a master plan. The entertaining area ends up there simply because there’s room or a plant because it’s a sunny spot.

With a design, your outdoor space will function optimally while also be visually pleasing. It will consider all the elements including position, space, access and viewpoints. You’ll also have something to continually refer to should you choose to landscape over time so your design remains cohesive and not a confused mix of ideas.

Failure to consider existing elements

Landscape Design Mistakes 01
Outdoor Establishments have used the slopping site in this garden to their advantage

Unless you’re starting with a bare site there may be some hidden gems in your outdoor space that could be used elsewhere or brought up to date with some creativity. Don’t overlook the benefit of keeping some established plants if they can be worked in the design.

It’s also common for garden owners to continually fight the existing conditions or characteristics of the site. For example, If your site is naturally slopped, perhaps instead of battling to create a completely flat surface you work with the natural terrain.

Avoid investing in infrastructure

It can be disheartening to put in expensive infrastructure that you don’t see, but it can make a difference to the overall design. Installing irrigation, for example, isn’t glamorous but it will be invaluable when you choose to travel during the warmer months. Lighting is another area that can be expensive to install, yet when executed correctly with quality fittings lighting can increase the value of your property and your lifestyle.

Forgetting interior visual connections

Landscape Design Mistakes 03
Creating a visual connection between the inside and outside like this garden by Landart can add value to both spaces

The inside/outside trend has been popular over the last few years but it is not uncommon for owners to forget the visual connection with the outside space. When designing a garden don’t forget to consider how your garden is viewed from all the interior windows. Before you plant or build any structural elements, take a look at the outdoor space from the inside to ensure you create a good view.

Under planting garden beds

A full garden layered with texture, color and form can have a powerful visual impact and an enhance atmosphere. Under planting the garden beds will often end up creating an underwhelming outdoor space. Plant on masse and if you’re unsure what to plant or quantities, engage a landscape designer or horticulturist to help you with a planting plan.