Artfully cantilevered buildings

Cantilevered buildings showcase an architect’s creative expression through volumes. Lifting a form off the ground allowing it to balance effortlessly on supports or on top of another volume also has a functional purpose. Cantilevered architecture can help maximise space below while providing the occupants with enough interior living space. Lifting the architecture and extending into the landscape can also help capitalise on views and the surrounding aspect.

Here we look at 5 cantilevered buildings that illustrate the beauty and benefits that come with these complex and visually interesting forms.

1. Michigan Lake House by Desai Chia Architects

Cantilevered Buildings 01
Michigan Lake House by Desai Chia Architects | Photography: Paul Warchol

The blackened timber structure of the Michigan Lake House cantilevers over an outdoor patio space. Further adding visual interest is the angled roof which mirrors the rolling landscape of the region’s countryside.

See more of this project by Desai Chia Architects here.

Photography: Paul Warchol

2. Headland House by Atelier Andy Carson

Headlands House Atelier Andy Carson 06 1
Headland House by Atelier Andy Carson | Photography: Michael Nicholson

Emerging out of the rural landscape is this unique form comprised of connected volumes that are precisely cantilevered to take in the coastal aspect. The fine steel supports create a sense of lightness as they extend out from the building.

Design details of this project by Atelier Andy Carson can be seen here.

Photography: Michael Nicholson

3. L.A. Villa by Oppenheim Architecture

Cantilevered Buildings 03
L.A. Villa by Oppenheim Architecture |Photography: Roger Davies

The stacked form of this L.A. Villa has been designed to accentuate the views of Los Angeles and the mountain range of Santa Monica. Creating additional drama is the pool that wraps around the building and extends to the cliff’s edge.

Click here to see more of this home designed by Oppenheim Architecture.

Photography: Roger Davies.

4. Bay Residence by Stelle Lomont Rouhani

Cantilevered Buildings 04
Bay Residence by Stelle Lomont Rouhani | Photography: Jeff Heatley

The coastal home of Bay Residence was purposely elevated above solid concrete pillars to protect the inhabitants from inevitable floodwaters. Lifting it high also capitalized on uninterrupted views of the horizon.

Take a look at this project by Stelle Lomont Rouhani in more detail here.

Photography: Jeff Heatley.

5. High Country House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Cantilevered Buildings 05
High Country House by Luigi Rosselli Architects | Photography: Edward Birch

Perched gracefully above the rural Australian countryside is a form that reflects the unique meeting of rural life and culture. The corrugated steel skirt underneath the building provides refuge and protection against grass fires and hides the functional elements such as water tanks.

See more of this project by Luigi Rosselli Architects here.

Photography: Edward Birch.