Sibella Court

Sibella Court wears many hats. She’s a creative director, an interior and product designer, an author and a shop owner. She runs The Society Inc, a retail experience in Sydney showcasing her product range, collaborations and curiosities sourced from around the globe. In her 27 years in the industry, she has worked with Restoration Australia, and on hospitality projects including the Hotel Palisade, Bullo River Station, Mr Wong and Palmer & Co.

A multifaceted creative and creator, Sibella Court designs products and spaces that withstand the elements. It comes naturally to her – and to us, resulting in the perfect partnership. “We are metal fabricators and interior designers of spaces in remote places with extreme weather conditions,” she said. We loved working with Sibella on the Fairweather collection, because – fittingly – she left no stone unturned.

Sibella Court Collection


Exclusive to Eco Outdoor, the Fairweather collection – featuring nostalgia-inducing hand-finished zinc stainless steel, Carrera marble and a neutral, earthy colour palette – is designed to sit comfortably outside regardless of the weather.


“I wanted a simple silhouette, something that looks beautiful even without the cushions – for when it rains unexpectedly,” Sibella said of the deep and wide Fairweather lounge, which is as much a daybed as it is a sofa.

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