Adam Cornish

Adam Cornish is a multidisciplinary designer. Working from his independent design studio in Melbourne, Adam creates honest, accessible products developed through research and exploration of a concept’s natural expression. Combining strong, simple design solutions with a palette of natural, tactile materials, Adam strives to craft individual products with visual and physical longevity.


Adam Cornish is as interested in and obsessed with the natural environment as we are. Just as he’s curious about and inspired by the way different organisms have evolved and adapted to suit their environments, we’re curious about how we can learn from the natural world to create the best products to coexist with it – and within it. We love Adam’s clean, industrial designs and his meticulous, rigorous, detail-oriented approach. He’s a designer after our own heart.

Shoalhaven Collection


Designed in collaboration with Adam Cornish, our Shoalhaven outdoor furniture collection embraces the juxtaposition of hard and soft. Featuring a lounge, lounge chair and ottoman, the collection is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Minimal metal and soft linen? It’s a contrast, but the partnership of hard and soft resembles the perfect irregularities of the natural world – and this collection was crafted to sit right within it.

Other Collaborations